Sunday, December 13, 2009

1st Annual Christmas Lights Drive

The Burri went on their 1st Annual Christmas Lights Drive this weekend! Jacob LOVES all the beautiful Christmas lights that are out this time of year, so we went searching for some of the best! We even brought Auntie Fred and Andrew along with us!

We started off at a local fire station. They've got quite the show. You pull up, turn your radio to a specific station and watch the show! The lights are choreographed to the music and blink and move to the music! It was so neat! After that we drove around some neighborhoods and saw some other great displays of lights. We also got temporarily lost (thank you, Auntie Fred for encouraging this). It was about a 30 minute diversion, but we did see a few lights on our journey. We capped it all off with a drive through a local church that was having a "Drive Through Bethlehem." What a great evening and we look forward to doing this for years to come!

All loaded up in the back seat! Let's go see some lights!

Jacob's first taste of candy cane. It was a huge hit. He kept saying, "more! more!"

Whoa! That is a sticky baby! The aftermath of the candy cane....

You can't really tell, but he is using a baby wipe to clean his own face! Such a big boy!

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