Monday, December 28, 2009

Burris Christmas in KY

Here are just a few shots of our immediate family Christmas in Kentucky, prior to leaving for NY. We've had an extended Christmas this year. We had our immediate family gift exchange on December 19th.
Jacob loved all of his gifts and really got into it this year...tearing paper and looking to see what was inside. He wasn't too sure what to think of the weed eater (which we were so excited to give him), but I was able to sneak a shot of him checking it out. I think that is as close as he has gotten to it since.... He was actually kind of scared of it! Oops! His exclamations were truly priceless: clapping his hands and shouting, "yay!" when we told him it was time to open gifts and saying, "ooooo!" when opening gifts. He was such fun for us! He gave everything an immediate test drive; well, everything except the weed eater. That one is going to take some time....
Finally checking out the weed eater.
Opening the weed eater... Preparing to run away from it.
Jacob checking out one of his new gifts...

Jacob looking to see what else is hiding inside his socking. The sock was as big as he is!

P.S. I am sorry my pictures all seem a bit out of order. My mom's computer won't let me organize them like my computer at home, so rather than fight with it, I gave up and just left them out of order. :-)

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