Friday, December 18, 2009

Recent Jacob-isms

I've been meaning to write this post for some time and just haven't gotten to it. Here are some of Jacob's most recent words. Jacob likes to really enunciate the final sound of most of his words, so you will notice on many of them, the final letter is in caps.

  • Stuck = GucK
  • Off = Hofffffff
  • Help = ElP
  • Sockie = Gockie (not to be confused with Guckie)
  • Bike = IKe
  • Jesus = Bible
  • God = Bible
  • Rock = Gock
  • Mop = MauP
  • Jump = Bot!
  • Ready, Set, Go = Gee, ga, GOOOOOOOO!!!!!!
  • Jelly = Eyellie
  • Trash = Elash
  • Monkey = Meonmie
  • Yummy = Nyummy!

I know there were more and I can't think of them. He is learning a new word daily it seems!

We are excited to celebrate Christmas this weekend with the Burris Family! We will post pictures from our festivities!

Love and miss everyone!

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