Sunday, October 31, 2010

21 Weeks

For those of you who desire to follow the growth of the "twin" belly, here you go. I am 21 weeks. I still feel good. Morning sickness has been completely gone now for a couple weeks (praise God!). I can't begin to tell you how wonderful it is to wake up in the morning feeling "normal." Now I'm starting to deal with the general aches and discomforts of just being pregnant...finding a comfy sleeping position, reaching my feet to tie my shoes, carrying Jacob (or even cuddling for that matter) is more difficult, swollen feet, and a new one this time around...lower back pain. A trip to the grocery is about all I can handle as far as time on my feet before the lower back starts to kick in with a lot of discomfort. But it is all worth it and I thank God for each night spent tossing and turning and each moment of my aching back. Thank you, God, for these precious babies! Please continue to pray for no pre-term labor and healthy, full grown babies!

21 weeks, 1 day, October 31, 2010

For comparison's sake...20 weeks and change with Jacob, November 5, 2007. I think I am filling the shirt out a bit more this time around!

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