Sunday, October 31, 2010

Trick Or Treat!

Today is Halloween. This is the first year we've allowed Jacob to go "traditional" trick or treating. Neither Chris nor I are all that into Halloween and aren't really sure how we want to approach it, so we've just tried to mix it up and keep it innocent and fun for him. His first Halloween he was a cow and also in the process of coming down with a nasty ear infection. We just went to Auntie Fred's house and helped pass out candy. Last year he was a monkey and we celebrated at Hallow Him at our church. This year we decided we'd try the traditional route. He got to dress up like a "baseball man" and cousin Andrew came over to show him the ropes. We've been practicing all week saying trick or treat and thank you! He was soooooooo excited. He had a great time and loved the time with Auntie Fred and Andrew! They were quite the pair of baseball men. After each house Jacob would ask if we could go to another door! Andrew was an excellent grown up cousin and sweetly took Jacob to each door and helped with crossing the street (and by the way, when did Andrew get tall enough to almost surpass me??).

Mommy's favorite part of Halloween this year: Jacob does not call his treats candy...they are trick or treats. So cute! He keeps asking if he can have another one of his trick or treats. It's going to be interesting pacing him on the ingestion of the trick or treats...

Joey Votto and our little "baseball man!"

Such a helpful cousin and sooooo grown up!

Getting some "trick or treats."

He wore out at the last corner and asked for someone to "take him." Auntie Fred was sweet enough to "take him."

Showing Daddy his trick or treats!

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