Friday, October 15, 2010

Signs of Autumn

Jacob and I took our annual trek out to Boyd Orchards today. It was a perfect fall day with crisp air, blue skies, and a wonderful array of colorful trees on the drive out to the farm. Jacob had so much fun and was so busy looking around at all the pumpkins that it was hard for me to capture pictures of him actually looking at the camera! I got a couple... He was super excited to pick out a "toddler size" pumpkin and get a jug of apple cider! As we were leaving he waved to the various mounds of pumpkins, saying, "bye-bye punkins!" He asked if we could come back to the farm again tomorrow.

Mommy thought the "warty" pumpkins were kind of cool.

This one is a bit reminiscent of last year...

Boyd Orchard trip 2009. Mr. Inspector. He is taller, but other than that, not much has changed! Ha, ha!

FINALLY! He looked at the camera!!!

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