Tuesday, June 7, 2011

"B" Babies?

Well, we have successfully gotten Jacob to give up his "B." It really wasn't that hard. He occasionally asks about it, but the memory is rapidly fading. He went on his boyhood trip to play Putt Putt with Daddy last weekend and it was lots of fun! It was definitely much harder for mommy than it was for Jacob.

Are we raising the next generation of "B" babies? It is a bit early to tell, but I think they like them..... Thank you Great Grandmama Neva!

Grace is enjoying a ride in the swing with her "road rag B."

Joshua is assuming his sleeping position with his "road rag" too. He is so funny. He ALWAYS covers his face right before he goes to sleep!

It is still early (though Jacob was clearly attached to his "B" by this point), but we are curious to see if the "B's" will have the same "magic powers" Jacob's "B" had!

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