Friday, June 17, 2011


Dear Little Man,

Today it was your turn for mommy to sit and rock just you. I love every inch of your little boy-ness! You're growing so fast and getting harder for me to fit you into our little tummy to tummy snuggle. Your wrists have puffy baby fat rings around them and it looks like you've got a rubber band around your arm all the time pinching into your skin. Even your palms are puffy and plump and I love it! Right now your eyes are as blue as the bluest of skies and I hope they don't change one bit! I don't know who you got them from, but I adore them. You've got mommy's short stubby eye lashes, but son, if you keep those bright baby blues the eye lashes won't matter a bit!

You are my happy boy. So bright and cheerful each day! Your whole body wiggles with delight when I come in to tell you good morning! You love to chatter and giggle. I love to just rub your soft baby head and it works out well because you love, love, love to have someone rub that sweet soft little head of yours. You'll close your eyes up tight, give a content little moan, and cover your face with your hand as you drift off to sleep. I love it that you cover your face when you sleep. It is what makes you, you!

I try to imagine you as a little boy or even someday as a teen and I just can't! I love everything about your disposition and I hope that you are well blessed by the Lord in this life. You will always be my sweet little Joshua, my little boy, my little man. I love you sweet boy!



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