Friday, June 10, 2011

Sweet Grace

I found over the initial months of parenting three children I was in survival mode (aren't we all?). I realized I was lumping Joshua and Grace together into this category of "the babies" (never "the twins"--for some reason they just don't feel like twins to me...). Recently life has slowed down some. Joshua and Grace are sleeping through the night, they are mastering how nap time works, and we're settling into a routine that works for all of us. Now I am trying to take time out for each child to just focus on them and let them show me who they are.

Jacob and I get plenty of time one on one still since the babies take a morning nap. We also try to use some of the help Grandmama provides by doing things together while she's watching the wee ones. This week Joshua and I took a walk just the two of us with him in the front pack. He LOVED looking all around and fought off sleep as long as he possibly could.

Today I wanted to dedicate this post to sweet Grace. We'll talk more about the others another time.

Dear Pretty Girl,
My little Grace, you are just what your name means. You show me each day the grace of God in His amazing gift to me--YOU! You are my sweet pretty girl. Today during naptime you had a hard time settling down. Joshua was asleep and Jacob was playing quietly, so I rocked you for a good twenty minutes. I rocked you, and only you, and got to enjoy just you. I feel sad sometimes that there isn't enough of mommy to go around. I don't get to hold and snuggle and memorize all about you like I did when I had just Jacob. I don't know when I've actually spent quality time just rocking with you. But today the house was quiet and it was just you and I, little sister, and it was glorious! I rocked you till those long, dark eyelashes of yours gave up and kissed your cheeks. I patted your little bottom and rubbed your sweet little head and just had time with you. You are my precious, itty bitty, wonderful Grace and you were fearfully and wonderfully made!

I wonder sometimes what God will call you to be. I pray for your future husband and that he will be a man like Daddy; hardworking, strong, patient, and kind. I pray you will be able to fulfill the desires of your heart and one day be a mommy like I am. I pray for you to guard your sweet little heart until the right time comes.

For some reason I feel great weight when I think about raising you, sweet little Grace. I feel the weight to raise you to be a godly young woman and the pressure for me to teach you how to be submissive, yet strong and quiet, yet bold. It all seems so complex, but I know God will give me the grace to teach you all that you need to know.

I love you, Pretty Girl, and I can't wait to get to know you more and more.



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  1. Love your letters to your children. They are by far my favorite posts :).