Tuesday, January 3, 2012

First Bit of Winter

We've had a bit of a non-existent winter so far this year. It has been very mild (50 degrees on Christmas day!). I am not complaining! I'll take it!

Yesterday we had some flurries that blew around and made the roads nice and slick. It was barely a dusting and didn't amount to much, but boy, was Jacob EXCITED to see the white stuff fly! Today he asked if he could "play in it." Most of it had melted at this point, but he was able to scrape his little shovel around and load his dump truck 1/2 full with the white stuff.

Here he is enjoying what little bit remained... I haven't had the opportunity to introduce Joshua and Grace to it yet. We'll have to wait for a more significant amount to make it really fun. Besides, it was pretty darn cold out there today. But Jacob sure did enjoy it!

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