Sunday, January 1, 2012

Gold at the End of the Rainbow

A friend of mine posted a link to this blog (The Blessing of Verity) on her facebook page one day about two months ago. It is a blog about adoption and Chris and I have had many (many, many, many) conversations about adoption since we were married. We have the heart for adoption and pray God would use us in the mission to rescue orphans (prayerfully, financially, and perhaps one day, personally). Anyhow, back to the blog. I started reading a post here and there and then I got sucked in. I went back to day one, first post, how it all began, and have been reading, hanging on every...single....word. How I pray I could one day carry myself with such joy, hope, faith, and trust as the blog's author! I highly recommend reading this to anyone who has the heart for adoption (or honestly, even if you don't). I warn you though. You will be changed. You will want to DO something. You will not be able to sit by, idle, and think this is someone else's problem. Go back to the start and see how this family opened their lives with loving acceptance of their daughter, born with Down Syndrome, or back to the start of their rescue of Katerina, a sweet little one, also with Down Syndrome who, at the time of her rescue, weighed just 11 lbs. and is nine (yes NINE!) years old. You will want to know HOW (seriously, HOW?) this can happen. I still haven't read 100% of it. It has taken me close to a month and many (too many) nights staying up until midnight or later, reading. I already had the heart for adoption prior to reading this, but now my sense of urgency is increasing. It may not be the time now for our Burri Five to adopt ourselves, but we most certainly can dedicate ourselves to prayerfully asking the Lord to provide loving families for these fatherless children!

Have you ever heard of the ministry called Reece's Rainbow? You can visit the site here and view 100's of children awaiting adoptive families. Would you find a child on this page, print his or her photo out, and hang it on your refrigerator? Would you commit yourself to pray for this orphan daily to find a forever family throughout 2012? You will be amazed by the sweet faces you see and the hope these children so desperately need in a family. Pray these little ones will be a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow for a family who desperately needs them in it.

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