Friday, January 6, 2012

Seeing Eye to Eye

They may be twins, but they do NOT see eye to eye on much.

Gracie would rather sweetly play with one thing that is interesting. Joshua wants to bulldoze the house, smash everything into the floor, or whack it on something.

Joshua wants to EAT, all the time, all things! Gracie is a bit more particular about her tastes, though she will try many things. She just doesn't LOVE all things like Joshua does.

Joshua is excited in general. About all things. Diaper change! Excitement! Dinner time! Excitement! Pj's on! Excitement! Life is just exciting to him. Gracie does not throw away her pleasure or excitement on just any old thing. You must earn it!

Gracie cries every time you tuck her in bed and shut the door. Joshua rarely does.

Joshua has a love affair with his paci. Gracie views the paci as a torture device (get that thing OUT of my mouth!).

Joshua wants to do all things physical like walk, crawl, stand, etc. Gracie is more timid about trying those new things.

Joshua LOVES to play peek a boo, even all by himself. Gracie would rather not (it messes her hair up, hee, hee!).

Gracie can wave hi, give five, and sign all done (at least I THINK she is signing all done). Joshua can give five, maybe sign more (not sure on that one), and will lean in with an open mouthed kiss when asked to "give me lovin'."

Joshua wears size 12 month everything (just about). Gracie is a more petite little lady wearing 3-6 month pants and 6 or 9 month shirts and dresses.

Gracie likes to get everything wet in the tub splashing around. Joshua would rather just chew on a toy and get the cleaning done.

Gracie would rather cheerios for breakfast. Joshua much prefers bananas.

No, they don't see eye to eye on much. But there are few things they agree on...!! (Note Joshua standing all on his own)
Why does Mommy torture me with blanket time? I hate it! Please let me off this horrible blanket....please, please, please!

Well, at least they agree on a few things!

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  1. Oh my goodness! While my heart goes out to them, the blanket time frustration is quite funny :)...