Friday, January 6, 2012

A Wonderful Spri...oh, I Mean, Winter Day

Did you know it is the dead of winter in KY? Yes, according to the calendar it is January 6, 2012. That means it is the dead of winter.

Then why did I spend my day dusting mini blinds, washing curtains, sun drying them on the patio, and washing windows inside and out? Don't you do that stuff in the spring?

Well, it is easy to get confused when it is 55 degrees in the dead of winter!

We've all had a bit of cabin fever (already and winter is still so young!). So we took full advantage of the gorgeous day. After playing for an hour under the patio (Jacob's favorite place to play) and lunch, I packed up the gang for some fun! We took an impromptu walk and wouldn't you know it, we just HAPPENED to arrive at the park! FUN!

Jacob is so excited to get to go for a walk!Joshua is cheesin' like he always does. He's just always excited in general.
Pretty Gracie Beth is so thrilled to get to ride like a big girl! "I get to see where we are GOING, not where we have BEEN!"

Swings are always fun!

Joshua's first ride in the swing by himself. Big man!

I think Gracie had a white knuckled grip the whole time, but she had fun!

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