Thursday, July 9, 2009

Neighbor Praise Report

For those of you keeping up with our outreach to our neighbors, we have a huge praise report! Last week we chatted quite a bit with them and were able to invite them to attend our church's giant Stars and Stripes celebration on Sunday, the 5th.

Honestly, by the way they reacted to our invitation, I just thought they were being polite and would not come. Praise God, He has other plans!!

They ran into Chris on Monday evening outside and said they had come (there were about 2,000 people there, so Chris didn't get to see them there) and that they had a wonderful time! Praise God they got to come, enjoy our church's outreach, and since we know they were there the whole time, we know they at least heard Pastor David present the Gospel!

We continue to pray that we will continue to build this relationship with them and eventually be able to invite them back to church with us. Please continue to pray alongside us. God is hearing and He is answering!

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