Thursday, July 9, 2009

Holy Molars!

Jacob's little mouth has been in overdrive the last week or so! He has been miserable and rightly so!

Holy moley (or holy molars) he is cutting FOUR new teeth all that the same time! This will explain the pools of drool I have been finding in his bed after naps and the stopped up nose (not to mention the 'tude lately)!

After being bitten more than once, something possessed me to put my finger in his mouth one more time yesterday. I am nuts. Lucky for me, he didn't bite this time. On the top right there is a molar that has just one corner broken through the gum. On the bottom right and top and bottom left, you can feel those big 'ole molars pushing hard against the gums trying hard to break through. Jacob is getting big boy teeth!

So, if you have been keeping track, the one that has broken through brings the pearly white tally up to eight and when the remaining three break through, we'll be up to eleven teeth!

Pray for easy teething for Jacob. I have heard the molars are really tough on them and I am seeing first hand that the rumors do seem to be true. Pray for low pain and for Mommy and Daddy to be sensitive to his needs and make sure he has medicine for pain when needed!

Oh, and please help me remember I have teeth in the BACK of the mouth I need to brush....not just the front anymore! :-)

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