Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Prayers are Paying Off!

Your prayers are working! You will remember a few weeks ago I asked you all to be in prayer for our neighbors. Chris and I have really wanted to be a lot more deliberate in building our relationship with them.

I wanted to post an update to let you know that your prayers for a growing relationship are being answered in a mighty way!

A couple weeks ago we found out that our neighbor had surgery and had to stay off her feet for a few days. This was an outstanding opportunity for me to put my culinary skills to use and prepare a meal for them. Let's just say, when I took it to drop it off....well....this must have been the first time they'd ever had someone prepare a meal for them. They were so shocked and thankful. It was a great time for us to reach out to them and give them a note to let them know we are praying for them!

About a week after I delivered the meal, they returned my tupperware with a truly heartfelt thank you note. You could tell the meal really meant a lot to them. This, of course, allowed even more time for us to visit with them.

This summer has been great. We have been able to play a lot with Jacob outside and he just thinks their daughter is the best thing ever, so they will play and chase each other all around. Last night while the kids were playing, we were able to invite them to join us at the big 4th of July celebration we are having a church and they did seem to be genuinely interested in coming.

I just wanted to update all you prayer warriors out there. Please keep praying for their minds to be open and for our relationship to continue to grow; that we might be able to share the gospel with them!

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