Friday, September 19, 2014

A Way to Help

So many of you have been so gracious to encourage us in our adoption journey and we are so grateful for all of your help, well wishes, and prayers!  Some of you have even given time, energy, and precious financial gifts to make our adoption possible.  Thank you seems completely inadequate!  You are all helping us to bring sweet Little One home!

Some of you are wondering how you can help, or feel what you have to offer is too small.  Let me tell you honestly.  Nothing is too small for the Lord to work miracles with!  We know that with each gift we receive there is a story and the fingerprints of the Holy Spirit upon it.  We receive those gifts with such joy and thankfulness!

We have a new way to help us boost up our adoption fund right now!  If you love Mary Kay products (I have used them for years and will never ever go back to regular drug store cosmetics!), this is your time to jump in!  Not only can you stock up on all your favorite Mary Kay products, you can also help us bring Little One home!  My mother-in-law is a Mary Kay consultant and she has graciously offered to donate 100% of her profit to our adoption fund for Little One!  If you are not already connected with an outstanding Mary Kay consultant, all you have to do is shop and place your order between September 19th and September 29th!  You can place your order through her online catalog (, or you can contact me via facebook or e-mail and I will take care of placing your order for you!  No need to worry if you aren't local!  We will ship it to your doorstep!  You get the products you would likely purchase anyhow, and we get the profit to help bring our daughter home!  We both win!

Thank you, from the bottom of our hearts, for helping us make this adoption a reality! 

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