Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Finding Our Mei Mei

It has been fun to experience this adoption through the eyes of Little One's future older siblings.  We've talked to them often throughout the process and tried to keep them a large part of it, but even at  our most clear communication, adoption is a rather abstract concept for a child to grasp.  We've spent a good bit of time talking about China, reading books about China, and learning about China.  Now that we have a picture posted in our home, things have really taken flight.  I thought I would share some of their thoughts, questions, and prayers.

"Dear God, thank you for this day.  Thank you for my sister in China.  Please help her to eat a yummy lunch.  Amen."

"Dear God, thank you for this day.  Please help my sister in China to be safe from the thunder.  Amen."

"Dear God, thank you for my baby sister and that we get to share a bunk bed together."

"Mommy?  Was I born with a cleft lip?  What about Daddy?  What about Grandmama or Granddaddy?  Nobody?!  Well, surely someone was.  Our Baby Sister has a cleft lip and she's ours, so someone must have been born like her, too!"

"Mommy?  Can I look at my baby sister?"

"Mommy?  Isn't our baby sister beautiful?"

"Mommy?  Can I see my baby sister play with the water?  Can I see her play with the balls?"

"When my baby sister gets home I'm going to hold her hand and play with her."

"When my baby sister comes home I'm going to share all my toys with her!  She can play with my kitty and dollies!"

"Will our baby sister go with us to the ball games when she gets home?"

"Will our baby sister get to go to church with us?"

Without further adieu, Jacob, Joshua, and Grace would like to introduce you to their precious Mei Mei (Little Sister):


  1. Reading their comments brought tears to my eyes! I can only imagine how you must feel hearing their loving comments!

  2. She is beautiful! Thank you for sharing from your children's hearts! What a blessing!

  3. Its amazing and beautiful to see how God is uniting your family for His glory. So excited to see God at work in your lives!