Wednesday, September 10, 2014


Yes, you read that correctly!  Instead of giving a, "woot! woot!" for celebration, we're all about, "oot! oot!" here!  Why?  Because our dossier is out of translation (hence, OOT), folks!  Let me remind you, this is just five days since we got PA!  Hip, hip hooray!  Our family exists in China, on paper, in Chinese!  Now all the really important officials can read all of our really important documents and make sure we are a great match for Little One.

From here, we move into the pool of families waiting to be reviewed (making sure we meet all of the criteria to adopt a child in China), then match reviewed (good fit for Little One), then......drum roll......LOA (Letter of Acceptance)! 

Our social worker told us that the translation portion of this journey is most often the fastest and the speed at which we completed this portion is no indication of how quickly we will get to the ultimate LOA.  That is fine by me.  It is still progress and any progress is BIG progress to us!

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