Sunday, February 7, 2010


I don't know what I would have done this week without the gift of many wonderful family members and friends. Everyone has done so much to feed my family, help me care for my home, and entertain my son. I am grateful beyond words for the help, love, and sacrifice each one of you made to make this week more bearable for me! You have given me a wonderful gift.

As an update, I continue to make progress each day. My mouth is still sore and yes, my lip, chin, and bottom teeth continue to remain numb. The numbness is becoming more of a nuisance now as I am trying to eat more "solid" food. I'm having a hard time chewing on the side that remains numb and cannot tell if I have spilled, drooled, or dripped on my face or lips. Chris has been good at helping me keep my face clean. I have also noticed the numbness on the lower half of my mouth has impacted my speech a little...I've got a bit of a lisp for now. I go for my follow up appointment with the surgeon on the 18th so I would guess if the numbness has not subsided by then, he'll be able to give me an accurate understanding of how long it might remain this way. Please pray for my patience with this. I am hungry and want to eat, but struggle to eat much and with not much more than mush in my system my emotions have been a bit in overdrive. I remind myself daily that things could be so much worse than just a numb chin, lip, mouth, etc. The nerve will heal. It all just takes time. I am extremely blessed to not have experienced much pain throughout this process.

Tomorrow I return to work. I am looking forward to getting out of the house and back to my routine. I think I will definitely miss my mid-afternoon nap, though! Tomorrow might be a bit of a long day since I have to teach class tomorrow night. Pray my lip holds up and I don't drool or spit on anyone unintentionally! :-)

I thought I would attach a picture from our Friday morning with Ella and Donna. They came to the house to entertain Jacob and share lunch with us. Jacob and Ella had a blast together!

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