Sunday, February 21, 2010


Jacob loves mee-sick (music). He has learned how to turn the CD player on in the living room and his bedroom. He enjoys that, but nothing tops putting the mee-sick on from Daddy's iTunes! I think this is one of Jacob's favorite past-times with his Daddy. He could sit and listen for hours.

Last weekend, Chris and I were both getting ready for the day, so Jacob was on his own to entertain himself. Chris put on the iTunes on our desktop and blasted it loud enough to hear it in our bedroom across the hall. As we were getting ready, we discovered Jacob was being incredibly quiet and anyone who has had a toddler before knows that if it gets too quiet, you are in trouble! So, we went looking to see what he had gotten into. This is what we found......

Yup, he had put himself up in the chair and was happily relaxing, listening to Daddy's iTunes. When I came in the room he proudly pointed and said, "Mee-sick Mama!"

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