Tuesday, November 24, 2009

The Battle of the B

I realized the other day that it has been a while since I've posted an update on our Operation Bye-Bye B. Progress is being made...slowly but surely.

Jacob is now totally "B-less" during the day at home, including family worship time. The B resides solely in the bed and does not come out during the day. When we go in to get Jacob out of bed in the morning, he is usually standing up, holding his B. As soon as he sees us though, he will greet us and throw the B down, knowing he can't come out of the bed if he has it.

Jacob is "B-less" in the car and at Miss Donna's house. These seemed to be the easier transitions for him.

The "B" is no longer the boo-boo fixer and Mommy and Daddy will generally suffice, unless the boo-boo is significant.

Jacob has attempted to go B-less at church for the last four weeks and has had three weeks of not using it. I will not call them successful weeks, however, because I think he spent much of the time at church crying, asking for the B, asking for me, or refusing to be put down by the caregiver. Church is slow progress, but we are making progress, just the same. We have not had to try at BFG recently, so there has been no progress there.

Now for the big news....this Sunday, I had Jacob take the road rag out of his diaper bag, give it to me, and say, "bye-bye B!" The road rag has been tucked away on a shelf and no longer comes as the safety net or back up in the diaper bag. I thought if he knew it wasn't in his bag, perhaps he would do better about it at church. I have yet to prove whether or not this theory really works. The removal of the road rag was greeted with a few tears and some whining, but he did finally obey and hand it over to Mommy.

Bless his soul, it rips my heart out to see him so sad and to take something away from him that he loves and adores so much. I hate for him to be without me and his B--both things that I know will cure the lonesomes pretty rapidly. But, I know what we are doing is right and good for him. I know he is growing because of it. It is bittersweet to say bye-bye to the B, but ever so surely, we move one day closer to Mommy taking that sweet, snugly blue and while blankie and tucking it away in a keepsake box.

Our boy continues to grow up........

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