Wednesday, November 11, 2009


We've been working on Jacob's manners these days. It started off with signing please and now saying please (which is "b" or "bees" in Jacob-ese).

Recently, we have been working on his table manners. He now eats at the table (in his high chair, but with the tray removed and pulled up to the regular table). That has been a trick by itself. Jacob got very used to putting his feet up on the tray of his high chair and quiet honestly, that never bothered us. Putting his feet up on the kitchen table, however, is another story. We've had many meals where the exchanges go something like this:

  • Kate: "How was your day today, Chris? Put your feet down, Jacob."
  • Chris: "It was a pretty busy day, we.... Put your feet down, Jacob. We had a bunch of orders come in all at once right at the end of the day."
  • Kate: "Put your feet down, Jacob. Well, did you... Put your feet down, Jacob. Did you get it all... Put your feet down, Jacob! Did you get it all done in time or do you... Jacob, put your feet down! Do you have more to do tomorrow?"
  • Chris: "Yeah... Jacob, put your feet down. Yeah, we... JACOB! Put your FEET down! We got it... PUT YOUR FEET DOWN! We got it all done. How was your day?"

Yes, sometimes general conversation is difficult to manage. Amazingly, I think he is figuring out he cannot put his feet on the table, kick the table, or make any contact with the table with his feet in general. It only took a gazillion times of repeating it.

Last night, Jacob was really whiny before bed and wanted his "mul" (milk) so Chris went to get it for him. While Chris was out of the room, I told Jacob to tell Daddy thank you for getting his milk. I said, "Jacob, say thhhhhhaaaaannnnnnkkkkkkk yyyyyyyoooooooouuuuuuuu." And would you believe that whiny little boy looked me in the face and said, "Dan doe." Are you serious? I couldn't get him to repeat it, but now I know there is yet more in his arsenal of manners.

We just might make him civilized yet....

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