Friday, November 27, 2009

Thanksgiving Weekend

We spent our Thanksgiving weekend together as a family. Chris hit the Black Friday sales and won himself a brand new laptop (woo hoo!!) and an over the range microwave for me (double woo hoo!). The deals were too good to pass up. He arrived back home with his finds, breakfast from Chick Fil A and a poinsettia for me. What a dear man.

After the shopping excursion, Chris got down the Christmas boxes and I spent the morning and afternoon decking our halls.

As I type, Chris is tackling major home projects with the installation of the new microwave. Can't wait!

Here are some photos of our post Thanksgiving Friday together. What a great time just spending time with family. We are so blessed...

Chris and Jacob climbing the ladder to check things out in the attic. Bringing down the Christmas decorations.

Chris had the great idea to entertain Jacob with a fort while I put up decorations. It is amazing what a card table and quilt can do to provide entertainment!

A sample of our completed decorations....

My gorgeous Willow Tree Nativity; a treasured gift from my mother in law last year. I love this!

For some reason this picture came out dark and does not do the tree justice. I will try again during the day. I made the bow for the top this year (a first for me) and wrapped it with the same ribbon as garland. I am happy with it!

Merry Christmas and remember, JESUS is the reason we celebrate the season!

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