Saturday, November 28, 2009

Home Renovations

Chris has finished up this round of home renovations successfully! Our over the range microwave sounded like a fantastic and fairly simple job when we got started (especially when you factor in the fact that we scored it for $68 with all the Black Friday deals). Three trips to Home Depot (one included the trip to actually purchase the microwave) and several websites later, it is done! We found ourselves marveling over how on earth people ever did home renovations prior to the internet!

The process began with a small bit of demo; removing the old, ugly hood that was once above the stove. That project revealed the hood had been hard wired and no outlet existed. Trip #2 to Home Depot included purchases of a kit to install an outlet. This was Chris' first experience in this house with cutting holes in walls and playing with electricity. He did great and got everything on the first try! outlet. Off to the store...

Back from the store and cutting a hole in the cabinet and wall to make space for the new outlet.

Jacob enjoying playing in the box for the new microwave.

Diagram is mounted and ready to start screwing on brackets. Note the off white outlet cover peeking up in the right hand cabinet above. Electrical work is successfully accomplished.

Brackets are up and the next diagram is hanging above. Time to drill more holes in the cabinets... And off to the store for trip #3 to get blocks to fill in the recessed cabinet space.

Jacob checking out the new microwave. It made a neat drum!

All the amazing new counter space I have without the old microwave taking up space!

Ta-da! Mission accomplished! It looks like it has always been there! I love it!

I am so proud and thankful that my husband persevered and accomplished this task. It was a two day project, but he did it and learned much along the way. Needless to say, I don't think we'll be taking on any other home projects for a little while.

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