Saturday, November 21, 2009


Chris has discovered a new, fun place to take Jacob to play this winter, Joseph-Beth Book Store. Not only do they have a "nain" (train table), they also have "guckies" (duckies) who are all too happy to be fed by sweet little toddlers, such as Jacob!

We went to Joseph-Beth today as a family outing. Jacob seemed more interested in the machines that the "guckie" food comes out of, rather than feeding the "guckies," but we'll try again. I have pictures to share of the outing, but no patience to load them tonight, so they will have to wait for a future post.

Jacob has been to Joseph-Beth a total of three times to feed the "guckies" in the last two weeks. After his first trip, whenever I would drive past the store (which was often, since it is basically on our way to everything in town), he would loudly proclaim, "GUCKIES! DADDY!" How does he know these things? I think he has a super duper internal GPS. Yes, Jacob, you went to Joseph-Beth to feed the "guckies" with Daddy. You are right!

Life is so fun through the eyes of a toddler!

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