Saturday, November 14, 2009

Pajama Party

Chris was out of town this weekend to kick off hunting season with a friend of his, so that meant lots of quality Mommy and Jacob time.

Aside from doing all that Christmas shopping I mentioned in a previous post, we also had time for a Pajama Party. We both got into our pj's at about 6:30, popped some popcorn (Jacob's first experience with it), and put on a Veggie Tales. Jacob wasn't a huge fan of the popcorn (which probably isn't a bad thing, given his digestive issues of late), but we were both big fans of Moe and the Big Exit (about Moses and the exile). Jacob snuggled and when all was done, said, "ninl, ninl, ninl?!" (not to be confused with didl, didl, didl) which means again, again, again!

Yes, sweet baby boy, we'll do this one again...

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