Friday, June 5, 2009

The Nutritional Value of Corn

Tell me, what exactly is the nutritional value of corn? I am curious because our child seems to enjoy it a great deal. It seems as though it cannot be of tremendous nutritional value, but I could be wrong!

Today Jacob ate his lunch. All of it. This is a massive victory as meal time has been quite a battle since Tuesday. I was starting to get concerned our guy might waste away to nothing! We had a meatloaf TV dinner (bleh!) and he LOVED it! His favorite part appeared to be the corn, but he did eat the whole thing. Jacob earned a cookie, code word Sweet Gold (you cannot say the word anymore...he knows what and where they are and all meal eating is out the window if you dare utter the word). This was a big deal. Jacob has not earned a cookie since Monday!

I asked God to help me grow in my ability to reflect Him recently. Apparently my lessons are beginning in the patience department. Meal time is dreaded time for me right now. I guess he knew I had a headache today and just wasn't up for a big battle over food.

A successful meal in our house these days is worth documenting. I was so excited I snapped a few pictures. See below:

Jacob is pointing to the corn. He wanted the corn over anything else he had on his plate!

Jacob is signing please for the corn he just pointed to. He needs help maneuvering this into his mouth.

Jacob is feeding himself with his utensils. This big bite is mashed potatoes. It was successful feeling himself today. Only one glop of potatoes went overboard. Not bad. Oh, and yes, that is gravy that is on his forehead and in his hair.

Jacob has one gigantic bite of "Sweet Gold" in his mouth and he is showing off the next big bite he plans to eat. He asked for a second cookie today. While I was horribly tempted because he had done such a great job eating, I did end up telling him no.

Jacob is signing "all done." Lunch is over, he is finished eating, all cleaned up, and ready to get out of the chair. Well done, little man!
I marvel each day over how much our son has grown in these last 14 months. I fail to marvel over how much Chris and I have grown in the last 14 months as parents. We are reminded each day of hard work, dedication, the importance of consistency, the place for forgiveness, the need for love, and most of all God's amazing grace.

Parenting a son to become a man of God is no small task, but we do not do it alone. Chris and I are memorizing this Scripture this week and it is an excellent reminder: "What then shall we say to these things? If God is for us, who can be against us?" Romans 8:31. We battle each day with the sin in our son's heart and the sin in our own hearts and some days it seems like an uphill, impossible battle. But as long as God is with us, no sin is too mighty for us to overcome. Not even Jacob's sinful stubbornness and refusal to eat. Jacob ate corn today. Regardless of what the nutritional value is, he ate corn. Praise God for this victory!

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