Sunday, June 7, 2009

True Toddler Delight

God has really been reminding me this week just how blessed I am with my husband and son. Gosh, I miss their sweet faces on the days I work and I love to hear and watch them play. Chris has such a way with Jacob...he always gets those giggles that come up from the tips of his toes. Such a wonderful sound; the laughter of your child. Such true delight, free from all worry or care!

Oh, how I wish that we could keep the ability to delight like a toddler with us all the days of our lives, but nobody knows how to delight better than a 13-18 month old! Jacob delights in everything: weeds, leaves, cracks in the sidewalk, hugs, teasing, bugs, cats, dogs, doing laundry. You name it, he knows how to delight in it! This morning, he delighted in helping mommy water the flowers outside before heading to church. Flowers need water to grow!

As a well prepared mommy, I snapped some shots of Jacob delighting in watering flowers!

There is water in this watering can!! Take note of the precious, sweet smile on his face. Such delight in such simple things!

Ooooo....WATER! Better investigate this with two hands!

Look! I can catch the water as it comes out the bottom of the hanging plant! (He also tried to "catch" the water in his watering can.)

Jacob is "watering" the monkey grass. He had the best time!

"Oh mommy, that can is just too big and heavy for you! Let me help you carry it!" (And he did...carried it all the way back in the house for me!)

Jacob was such a joy this morning while we watered the plants. He had so much "toddler delight" while watering that he even threw a "toddler tantrum" when we had to come back inside. Needless to say, he had a blast and went to church a bit damp this morning. I had to tell the nursery workers so they wouldn't think his diaper had leaked!

Such delight and pure joy as he discovers his world. Little does he know that as he delights in his world around him, he brings such delight to his mommy and daddy! Perhaps Chris and I can capture the delight of a toddler and begin to experience it again through the eyes of Jacob. Do you think God delights in his children (even the grown up ones) the way we delight in our own? I think He does.

~"A glad heart makes a cheerful face..."~ Proverbs 15:13

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  1. Your watering can is as big as Jacob! Just look at him helping!