Saturday, June 20, 2009


Goodbye Mama, Ma, and Mom! I am now affectionately called "Mah-Me!" Never mind that "mah-me" seems to have replaced "bah-be" which seemed to be his word for please. It is the cutest thing when he brings a toy to me saying "mah-me, mah-me." It is like he is asking mommy for help. In reality, I do believe he thinks he is saying please and asking for me to help with whatever he might need, but I'll just live in my delusional world and believe he is calling ME, "mah-he."

Other words for Jacob in the recent days:
  • Cat=meow (he will actually is quite convincing)
  • Ball=Bawwww
  • Daddy=Da-do
  • Book=Boooo
  • That=Dil
  • This=Dis
  • Hi=Hiye
  • Uh oh (he's got this one on the money)
Jacob has unfortunately also learned the word "discipline." Discipline in our household is code for spanking and a talking to. Tonight he wouldn't allow me to help him brush his teeth. I told him he was being disobedient and that I would have to discipline him if he didn't stop. I then asked if he wanted to be disciplined for his behavior. His eyes grew big, his sweet little face earnest, and with toothpasty drool running down his chin, he sweetly shook his head no. does that mean mommy has leverage now? YES! He knows the word DISCIPLINE. Of course, our only hope and prayer is that our DISCIPLINE today will lead him to be a DISCIPLE later.

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