Thursday, June 18, 2009

Sometimes Two Naps are Better Than One

Today started off with a bang. I had my alarm set so I could wake up early to make a yummy coffee cake for Chris to have for breakfast before he left for work. Well, when the alarm went off at 5:30AM this morning I thought that seemed like a much better idea in my head than in reality, so off went the alarm and off Chris went to work without any coffee cake. Maybe tomorrow?

Jacob slept in, which was fabulous so I had plenty of time to get showered, dressed, and make-up done before he woke up. We are in the process of dropping down to just one nap, rather than two, and I thought for sure the sleeping in would be perfect and allow us to do a few errands this morning before lunch.

I thought wrong.

Generally speaking, Jacob likes to run errands and ride in the cart. He just likes to be out in general. Not today.

We went to Best Buy and made it through that trip just fine. Then we went to Target. All was well, however, my leisurely browsing started to bother Jacob and the crying began. He cried and cried till I finally gave in and picked him up out of the cart. This was not a wise decision.

It was not wise because he loved being held and was pleased as punch to be OUT of the cart. I, however, was a bit nervous about how I was going to handle him, the cart (of course, I'd picked up a few things while we were there), pay, get my bag(s), and get out the door, all without having to put him BACK in the cart. Yeah. That is when the reality of my poor decision started to settle in.

Sadly, in the shoe aisle, I realized I must put him BACK in the cart if I wanted to purchase any of the items in my cart OR I had to abandon the cart and not purchase the items I had selected. I chose to put him in the cart and attempt to make a quick purchase.

Well, he screamed. I mean he SCREAMED. Red face, no noise while he winds up for a big wail, screamed. I got in his face and talked with him about obedience and all that and of course he wasn't having anything to do with that. He was more excited about causing his first ever scene in public. And he performed quite well, I might add.

Lo and behold, right as we approached the registers and I had made up my mind simply to abandon the cart and not worry about my purchases, he stopped. Just like he started. He quietly let me pay and get out the door and to the car before the screaming started again.

He fell asleep in the car today. Today needed to be a two nap day.... Oh well, he's getting just one and now maybe I'll be just a bit more prepared for the next toddler meltdown in Target. Maybe next time I'll just start screaming along with him. Wouldn't that be fun?

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  1. I know I'm not supposed to laugh, but I can't help it! This is SO descriptive and all mothers have been there, done that. Just makes me want to love and hug on Jacob even more!