Saturday, June 20, 2009

Lucky Number 7

Jacob smiled at me the other day, yesterday, to be exact. A real big, open mouth smile. Do you know what I saw? I saw lucky number 7! That's right, Jacob has made the leap from just 6 chompers to 7!

He was drooling a good deal a couple weeks ago so I stuck my finger in there, searching for lucky number 7. He proceeded to bite me. I couldn't really discipline him because I did stick my finger in his mouth and it seems only natural to bite what is put into your mouth. My experience taught me that from here on out, I would just have to wait and be surprised by the appearance of any future teeth and catch mere glimpses of them during smiles or episodes of being hung upside down and tickled.

For most of you, the appearance of a new tooth isn't a big deal. But to a is relieving to see that tooth shining bright in those healthy little gums. It is a relief because you feel as though you can put your finger on the reason behind the whining, the crying, and the overall attitude for the last couple of days (or weeks for that matter). Who knows if all of those things are truly teething related, but it sure is nice to have something to blame the 'tude on rather than just the utter lack of toddler self-control.

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