Tuesday, October 20, 2009


Didl-didl-didl (all one word)! This is the expression Jacob has for "Yes! What you are asking me is what I want!" For example:
  • Mommy: "Jacob, do you want to eat breakfast?"
  • Jacob: "No."
  • Mommy: "Do you want your cup of milk?"
  • Jacob: "Didl-didl-didl!"

Jacob and I have started doing morning devotions together (really short ones with a quick little prayer). This morning when he woke up he seemed more interested in breakfast first, rather than devotions, so I started to feed him and brought the devotional book out to the kitchen table. I figured if I ended up not having time, we could ask Grandma Burris to do them with him.

When I brought the book out to the table, Jacob saw it and pointed to it. I asked him if he wanted to have quiet time with God with Mommy before she left for work. His response, "Didl-didl-didl!" Then I asked him if he wanted to pray. His response, "Didl-didl- didl!" He then proceeded to fold his sweet, chubby, dimple knuckled hands and continued to say, "didl-didl-didl!"

I am so blessed by our son and his interest in the Gospel and his desire to obey his mommy and daddy. Pray that his hunger for God's word would follow him through life and that he would one day have his heart pierced with the need for a Savior! Pray that these sweet, tender moments of devotions we share today would one day translate into God's word being tucked into his heart for his lifetime. Pray that Chris and I would know how to raise him to love Jesus!

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