Monday, October 12, 2009

My Big Sister is Moving

Have I mentioned that my big sister is moving? After four years of living in the same subdivision (1.5 years as next door neighbors and the rest being 1 mile apart in the same subdivision) she is moving away to bigger and better things. Our school district for middle school aged children is pretty stinky, so she is doing what is best for her son, and moving to a better school district. I understand. I will do the same for Jacob one day.

For now, they are just moving slightly across town from us to rent a townhouse while their new home is being built. Once their home is built, she will be about a 45 minute drive from my house and not remotely close to any where we typically travel. I've known it was coming and have been preparing myself for the day she would move.

This weekend, as I prepared a meal to take to them to eat while moving, it hit me. She's gone. She's not 1 mile away anymore. I didn't realize how much comfort I found in the fact that my sister was so close and that her cop husband would always be available to protect me from the boogey man when Chris can't be there to do that for me.

I am happy for her...happy she's found better things for her son and excited about the beautiful new home they are going to have. But I am sad for me. When the rest of your family is 8-12 hours away by car, you really recognize the blessing of having one family member so close that you can borrow "shakey cheese" and eggs whenever you find yourself without.

While having her move might force us to be more intentional about our time together, there is still just the emptiness of knowing she's not just around the corner. I miss her already.....

I love you, Big Sister, and I wish you nothing but the best as you move onward and upward! You still better call me for trips to Big Lots!

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