Monday, October 19, 2009

Ma Mow Obsession

Jacob is obsessed. Literally. He wakes up, plays all day, and goes to bed, fixated on just one thing.

The Ma Mow and Wee Wee
(Translated Lawn Mower and Weed Eater).
Seriously! It is becoming an addiction! Generally, I go in to get him in the morning and he will say, "Hi!" or "Mommy!" Not anymore. Nope. He skips all pleasantries and goes straight to talk about the ma mow and wee wee. Now, I go in to get him, he stands up in his bed, and says, "Ma Mow? Daddy's? Wee wee?" That is translated to Daddy has a lawn mower in the garage and he also uses a weed eater. Sometimes during the day he will go to the garage and point to the door talking about the ma mow. Also, when I tell him we have to go to the car, he will say "Car! Ma mow! Wee wee!"
When we put him to bed at night, we hear him talking....about the ma mow!
Boys shall be boys!

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